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Cinnamon Lounge
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Chicken Wings £3.85
On the bone
Soup of the Day £3.00
Prawn Cocktail £3.85
Crispy King Prawn £5.45
Onion Bhajee £3.00
Prawn Puri £4.35
King Prawn Puri £5.45
Prawn Pineapple Puri £4.65
King Prawn Butterfly £5.45
Aloo Chat £3.85
Tikka £3.85
(Chicken, Lamb)
Chicken Pakora £3.85
Samosa £3.25
Meat or Veg
Sheek Kebab / Shami Kabab £3.85
Assorted £4.35
Meat or Veg
Sizzling Fish £4.60
Masala Fish
Chicken Rashmi Kabab £4.35
Green Pepper Delight £4.60
Duck Puree £4.95
Mushroom Cocktail £3.85
Meat/Veg Roll £3.25
Garlic Mushroom £3.85

Tandoori Dishes

Tandoori Chicken £7.50
Half, tender chicken prepared with mild spices and cooked in the tandoori
Tikka (Chicken/Lamb/Paneer) £7.50
Bonless chicken or lamb pieces flavour with mild spices and cooked with onions, capsicum and tomatoe
Tandoori Mixed Grill £9.85
Tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb tikka and sheek kebab
Tandoori King Prawn £11.95
King Prawn flavoured with various spices and tenderly cooked in the tandoori
Sizzling Fish (Massala Fish) £9.25
Bengal style, spicy fried fish served with fried onion.
Sheek Kebab £7.50
Minced lamb, medium spices, skewered and cooked in the tandoori
Paneer Shashlick £8.25
Marinated Indian vegetarian cottage cheese, grilled in tandoori oven
Shashlick (Chicken/ Lamb) £8.25
Chicken or Lamb pieces flavoured with special spices and cooked with onions, capsicum and tomatoes

Cinnamon Special Dishes

This is a complete meal for a person served with starter and coffee (King prawn and Duck £2 extra charge)

Azad Special Curry £18.50
Chef’s own recipe.
Shahi Jingri Masala £18.50
Marinated king prawn cooked on low heat with specially prepared medium sauce and mince lamb.
King Prawn Special £18.50
King Prawn cooked in special mild creamy masala sauce.
Shahi Murgi Masala £18.50
Marinated chicken on the bone cooked on low heat with specially prepared medium sauce and mince lamb
Sylheti Dim Kurma £16.45
Bengal style mild and buttery with bay leaf, cinnamon star elaichi and boiled egg.
Sahi Khursi Chicken / Lamb Tikka Masala £18.50
Mince lamb boiled egg mild creamy and sweet
Mumbai Chicken / Lamb £16.45
Tender pieces of chicken or lamb tikka, cooked in a special sauce and boiled egg.
Cinnamon Special Achanak £16.45
Freshly grilled chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kebab cooked with onion, tomatoes and capsicum in spicy tandoori red sauce.
Shiraji Lamb / Chicken £16.45
Tender pieces of lamb and sliced bean cooked in a creamy sauce in clay oven
Chicken / Lamb Tikka £16.45
Pepsila own recipe

Chef’s Recommendation

Vegetarian Thali £11.55
Served with Veg Curry, Bombay Aloo, Onion Bhaji, Pappadum, with Rice or Nan.
Meat Thali £12.50
Served with tandoori chicken, sheek kebab, Meat Bhuna, Vegetable Curry Pappadum with Pilau Rice or Nan.
Maricha Chicken or Lamb £8.75
Tender pieces of Chicken or Lamb cooked with fresh chilli, coriander, Maricha sauce and pickle (Less than madras hot) Most tasty dishes.
Tandoori King Prawn Masala £11.95
King prawn cooked in a special masala sauce with almond and coconut.
Chicken / Lamb Tikka Masala £8.20
Boneless chicken or lamb tikka cooked in a special masala sauce with almond and coconut & creamed dressed with nut and cream.
Chicken / Lamb Jalfrezi (Slightly Hot) £8.20
With Onion, Tomato, Capsicum and Green Chilli, With Special Sauce.
King Prawn Jalfrezi (Slightly Hot) £11.95
With onion, tomato capsicum, And green chilli, with special sauce.
Butter Chicken / Lamb £8.20
Slightly spicy with fresh cream and butter.
Chicken / Lamb Pasanda £8.20
Tikka cooked with Almond, Coconut and Cream, Dressed with Nuts and Cherry.
Chicken / Lamb Makhan £8.20
Chef’s own recipe with mango Pulp, creamy. Topped with cheese.
Chicken / Lamb Dakeswari £8.20
Chicken tikka cooked with coconut and cream, dressed with nut and cherry.
Chicken / Lamb Nawabi £8.20
Mild sweet and fruity
Chicken / Lamb Jaypuri £8.20
Boneless chicken tikka cooked with Capsicum, Onion Tomato and Mushroom in special sauce.
Chicken / Lamb Jagooti £8.20
With coconut slightly hot. Topped with fresh cream.
Khandani Gosht £8.20
Tender pieces of lamb cooked in chef’s own recipe. Medium spicy and creamy.
Chicken / Lamb Razala £8.20
Boneless Tandoori Chicken cooked with green peppers, tomato in special sauce.
Chicken / Lamb Tikka Bhuna £8.20
Medium Dry
Chicken / Lamb Masala £8.20
Chicken tikka cooked with onions, tomato and green chillies
Cinnamon House special curry £8.75
Chicken, Prawn, Meat & Mushroom with deep fried egg.
Naga Jalfrezi Chicken / Lamb £8.75
Chef’s own recipe available in Madras / Vindaloo south Indian dish.
Jeera Chicken £10.95
Boneless chicken tikka slightly hot cooked with tomato, garlic and whole jeera served with pilau rice.
Chicken / Lamb Roshni £8.20
Boneless with thick tangy sauce, garlic and fried tomato.
Chicken / Lamb Korahi £8.20
Boneless with medium spiced sauce.
Chicken / Lamb Achari £8.20
Cooked with Pickle, Medium spiced.

Balti Dishes

With any Vegetable extra 75p

Chicken £7.80
Lamb £7.80
Prawn £7.80
King Prawn £11.95
Keema £7.80
Vegetable £7.15

Chicken Curry Dishes

Curry £6.55
(Medium) Madras or Vindaloo Extra 30p
Chilli £7.15
Sagwala £7.65
With Spinach
Bhuna £7.15
Dupiaza £7.15
Medium With Onion
Danshak £7.65
Hot, Sweet and Sour With Lentils
Rogon £7.15
Medium with tomatoes
Korma £7.65
Pathia £7.15
Hot sweet and sour

Lamb Curry Dishes

Curry £6.55
(Medium) Madras or Vindaloo Extra 30p
Chilli Gosth £7.15
Sag Gosth £7.65
With Spinach
Bhuna Gosth £7.15
Keema Bhuna £7.15
Mince Meat
Dupiaza £7.15
Medium With Onion
Danshak £7.65
Hot, Sweet and Sour With Lentils
Rogon £7.15
Medium with tomatoes
Korma £7.65
Pathia £7.15
Hot sweet and sour

Duck Dishes

Curry £7.65
Duck Kurma £8.75
Chilli £8.50
Jalfrezi £9.85
Dupiaza / Rogon / Bhuna £8.50
Naga Jalfrezi £9.85

Seafood Curry Dishes

Madras or Vindaloo extra 30p

Bengal Fish Curry £8.50
Fish Bhuna £8.50
Prawn Curry £6.85
Prawn Korma £7.65
Prawn Bhuna £7.15
(Medium Dry)
Prawn Patia £7.65
Highly spiced hot, sweet and sour
Prawn Dansak £7.65
Sag Prawn £7.65
With spinach
King Prawn Curry £8.95
King Prawn Bhuna £9.35
Medium dry
Garlic Jingri Jaflong £9.35
Recipe king prawn with mince meat in special spicy sauce.
King Prawn Dupiaza £9.35
Medium with onion
King Prawn Patia £9.35
Highly spiced hot sweet and sour
King Prawn Korma £9.85

Biryani Dishes

Cooked with basmati rice and served with vegetable curry

Chicken or Meat £9.35
Prawn £9.35
King Prawn £11.95
Vegetable £8.25
Chicken or Lamb Tikka £10.50
Tandoori Mix Biryani £9.85
Duck Biryani £10.50
Persian Meat / Prawn Biryani £9.85

Cinnamon Lounge Special

24 Hour notice and a small deposit required

Kulchi Lamb
For 2 person £43.95

For 4 Person £82.45

Kulchi Chicken
For 2 person £40.65

For 4 Person £76.55

Including coffee and vanilla Ice Cream

Vegetarian Dishes

Sahi Moto Paneer Masala £8.50
Chef’s own recipe spice and mild
Vegetable Tawa £8.50
Chick peas, Mushroom, Chilli, Aloo, Paneer and Chef’s own recipe slightly hot and special sauce
Vegetable Tray £8.50
Three different vegetables
Mixed Vegetable Curry
Main £6.05

Side £3.25

Vegetable Bhajee
Main £6.05

Side £3.25

Tarka Dall
Main £6.05

Side £3.25

Mushroom Bahjee
Main £6.05

Side £3.25

Bhindi Bhajee
Main £6.05

Side £3.25

Brinjal Bhajee
Main £6.05

Side £3.25

Chana Bhajee
Main £6.05

Side £3.25

Cauliflower Bhajee
Main £6.05

Side £3.25

Sag Bhajee
Main £6.05

Side £3.25

Bombay Potato
Main £6.05

Side £3.25

Aloo Gobi
Main £6.05

Side £3.25

Sag Aloo
Main £6.05

Side £3.25

Sag Paneer
Main £6.05

Side £3.25


Plain Rice £2.50
Pilau Rice £2.75
Fried Rice £2.45
Mushroom Rice £3.40
Special Fried Rice £3.55
Kursi Fried Rice £3.55
Lemon Rice £3.55
Plain Nan £2.05
Peshawari Nan £2.75
Keema Nan £2.75
Garlic Nan £2.75
Garlic Nan with Cheese £2.75
Kulcha Nan £2.75
Onion or Chilli Nan £2.75
Chapati or Puree £1.20
Parata £2.30
Stuffed Parata £2.75
Raita £2.05
(Cucumber or Onion In Mildly Spiced Youghurt)
Relish (Per Person) £0.80
Poppadum £0.65
Massala Poppadum £0.90
Tandoori Roti £2.05
Chips £2.05

European Dishes

The following dishes are served with salad and chips

French Fried Chicken £9.85
Chicken Nuggets £9.35
Scampi and Chips £9.85
Omlettes £9.35
Chicken, Prawn, Mushroom or Spinach
Sirloin Steak £12.50

Set Meal

Meal For 2 Person £32.95
Popadoms, Meat Assorted, Prawn Puri, Chicken / lamb Jalfrezi, Chicken Tikka Masala, Vegetable Curry, Mushroom Pilau Rice, Peshwari Nan.
Meal For 4 Person £60.50
4 Popadoms, Onion Bhajee Chicken Tikka, Sheek Kebab (Assorted starter, Meat or Veg). Chicken Tikka Masala, Meat Bhuna, Chicken Korma, Prawn Dupiaza, Mushroom Bhaji, Bombay Aloo, 2 Pilau Rice, 2 Nan
Vegetarian for 2 Person £27.45
Popadoms, Vegetable Assorted, Aloo chat, Sag Paneer, Cauliflower Bhajee, Tarka Dall, Cucumber Raita, Plain Rice, Chapatis


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